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Walleye Chowder Soup

I watched the Saturday morning fishing shows and Tony Dean has an excellent recipe for walleye chowder soup. Just go to www.tonydean.com/recipes. It's perfect for these cold winter days of late and a little different twist to use up some of last year's fish in the freezer.

Lawrence Ecklor

Re: Walleye Chowder Soup

Thanks for the recipe...this time of year it's tough doing the deepfried thing for customers shore lunch cause it gets cold so fast. I can probably keep this warm. Do any of you set your filets in salt water to firm them up. It seems to make them hold up better in stir fry... to pass on what I think is one of the funnest recipes I've ever found here goes. Sautee a whole onion and handful of sliced mushrooms... add frozen oriental vegtables stir fry mix....sautee till vegetibles are just done...add poached fish filets(firmed overnight in salt(all seasoning) water), or your favorite deep fried fish and serve immediatly on a bed of rice with tarter and assorted oriental sauces. Lawrence

Lawrence Ecklor
"It's all about time on the water"


Re: Walleye Chowder Soup

Quick-Walleye Chowder, 1-2 cans of potato soup (depends on # of hungry souls), 1-2 cubed fillets-3/4"x3/4" , sautee fillets and 1/2 (sliced,chopped) onion in butter 3-7mins. Add to the potato soup, simmer, 2 mins and serve(if you can wait that long!). Of course add fresh ground pepper and your done. - John

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