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Warmest Winter Coveralls?

Who makes the warmest coveralls you can buy? I'm willing to spend what it takes. Would be nice if they are also waterproof and are made to last. I don't just want a shell you have to layer a bunch to keep warm. This is for winter boat fishing where you are exposed to the wind and don't move around enough to keep warm. It should have an attached insulated hood also.

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Re: Warmest Winter Coveralls?

I think the consensus over the years has been the Frabill SnoSuit. (Don't confuse with the Frabill icesuit or suit.) the guys I've talked to say no need to layer with this suit. Granted this is not a one piece suit which I think is what you might be looking for. I think this is your best option though.

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Re: Warmest Winter Coveralls?

I have the Cabelas Guide wear. with Thinsulate, I also use it for ice fishing. No need to layer with this either. But this outfit are bibs with a jacket.
I have friends with the ice Armor and love em.

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Re: Warmest Winter Coveralls?

I have a Snosuit brand parka and bibs. Great quality - Parka is great but the bibs are so dam hot I can't wear them most of the time. My son wore them on LOW and had the same issue - way too warm.


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Re: Warmest Winter Coveralls?



Re: Warmest Winter Coveralls?

I have a 10X coverall that has zippers to the hip and inside suspenders to be able to take off the top for balmy days on the ice. If they were waterproof, they would be perfect. That said, my buddy and I got arctic armor coats/bibs (they float you) due to our propensity to explore early and late ice. I still wear the coveralls some ice fishing days because I like having no drafts coming in.

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Re: Warmest Winter Coveralls?

Check out Gerber heated clothes >> http://gerbing.com/

Cabelas is picking up some of their products this fall.

The insulated guidewear bibs are warm. Had to peel them off yesterday. Got too hot for mid 40's temps in wind.



Re: Warmest Winter Coveralls?

How does the different Frabill suits compare for colder days open water fishing? I'm also in the market for something new, but I'd like to be able to wear it for both ice and cold open water days. I realize there is a compromise with this. I'm worried that the Snosuit will be too warm when the outside temp is 40degrees.

As a rule, I'm a little wimpy in the cold and tend to wear more clothes than most people.


Re: Warmest Winter Coveralls?

Just open up one of the many breather zippers and you get good circulation in a snosuit. I open up on the walk out so I dont get sweated up, once I start to cool down I start to shut the zippers. Its a great system and design! Open water or ice!

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Re: Warmest Winter Coveralls?

Wear my snosuit all the time while fishing cold weather in the boat. Most of the time its just the bibs I wear with a fleece sweater and light wind proof jacket. The jacket does have some great very nonrestrictive shoulders in it. Someone was really thinking when designing this. For a heavy winter coat you can still cast all day long with it on.

40 degrees is a little on the warm side for a snosuit. That is about where you want to start wearing it and anything colder. For me its the most portable winter fishing shelter a person can own. My two portable fish houses have not left the garage in a couple of years now.

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Re: Warmest Winter Coveralls?


My two portable fish houses have not left the garage in a couple of years now.

Its a beautiful thing X2

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