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Pasha Lake Report February say what?

by Chad Thompson on 02/14/2013

One of the many walleyes
Despite the 2-3 feet of fresh powder on the ground, Pasha Lake guests will not be stopped. Last week the Steve Sheppard crew from Southern Ontario put an ice fishing smack down on some local lakes. The cool thing? They braved the snow absent any form of motorized transportation. Yep, these hard core anglers relied on their snow shoes, ingenuity and pure determination to get the job done. Congrats guys!

Can't beat shore lunch in
the middle of winter
- Day One - was spent on a lake just 5mins north of the main lodge. It was a brutal cold front that lock jawed the lakers early, but by day's end they released several small ones and kept 3 with the best tipping the scales north of 3lbs.

Heafty Perch
- Day Two produced the most action. On one of our premier trout lakes, these guys iced over 60 splake and rainbows; with one horse of a speck that weighed over 3lbs. After a shore lunch fit for a kings army (and in true Pasha Lake style), they packed up the gear and headed to a walleye lake known for its TREMENDOUS evening bite. Fail them the lake did not! (I think Yoda said something like that in Starwars?) They landed 9 walleyes before packing it in for the night.

- Day Three Since the close walleye lake produced so good the night before, they headed back the next morning and landed another 10 or so walleyes. Most were perfect for that days shore lunch. After some good eats, the boys changed it up a bit and headed to known perch hole and, low and behold, it too was bang on! Several of the 20 30 perch landed reached past the 12 mark.

Special Thanks to Tom A. whos guide services proved to be invaluable once again. Tom books up fast, so if you are considering a trip, you should reach out to us asap.

Remember, we ice fish for most species, including walleye, well into April. Once the season closes in the upper US, there remains tremendous opportunities for a late season ice outing north of the border

If you have any questions, please PM me or email chad@pashalake.com

Until next time!

Location : Canada
Water Body : Pasha Lake Region of Ontario, Canada
Species : trout
Water Temp : 32
Technique : jigging

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Chad Thompson

Re: Pasha Lake Report February say what?

Another Jumbo


Chad Thompson

Re: Pasha Lake Report February say what?

Cold Front Laker


Jeffrey Bennett

Re: Pasha Lake Report February say what?

Very Nice!

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