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Crossin Big Eyes

Boat won't Plain out.

I have a 2005 1775 pro-v with a 75 horse Yamaha on the back( Only rated for an 80). I weight about 350 and I cannot get it to plain out with a couple guys in there. Yeah i know maybe loose some weight but it ain't happening. I even have 2 40lb anchors made out of steel in the front compartments for weight.What do you guys think about a Crestliner fish hawk 1850. With a 90 Suzuki because it is geared lower for a better whole shot.I bought it from Crystal Peirz Marine and they said i would have no problem plaining this boat out now they want me to switch to a 13 or maybe even an 11 pitch. How much is this going to drop my speed. I have a 15 pitch on there now and on the top end am running about 5500 rpm's. Getting about 33-35 mph. They don't carry Lund anymore so i was just wondering if you guys have been in one these fish hawks or not. I looked at the 618 ranger but i think i am going to have the same problem with that. I am a tiller guy who loves to sit on walleyes.


Re: Boat won't Plain out.

As to the Crestliner, a 90 on the 1850 is definately underpowered. That boat is rated for a 150, and they sell it with the 90 to keep the price low. I had a 1750 with the 115 (max rating at the time) and it performed well. The 1850 will be a dog with a 90.

For your 1775, are you trimming the motor after getting it up and running? If you keep it tucked under, it will plow. Your best bet would be a whale-tail. It will get the boat on plane faster, and keep it there at a slower speed.

Do not put a 13 or 11 pitch on, it will over-rev, plus you will lose speed. The fact is, your rpm's are right on, and so is the speed. That rig with 3 guys and a 75 isn't going to get out of the water like a bass boat will. For a 17 foot tiller (assumption here), you actually are doing pretty good with 3 guys.

Remember, only believe half of what the salesmen says (ESPECIALLY CP), and be suspect of the rest.


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Crossin Big Eyes

Re: Boat won't Plain out.

First of all the 1850 fish hawk in a tiller is only rated for a 90 so i cant go any bigger there but the boat it self is 50 lbs lighter. And yes i am trimming it up when i am running it. My problem is i cant get it on plain without having my two or three guys in my boat going up on the bow of the boat and that is no fun. the things is also it won't get out of the water at all.


Re: Boat won't Plain out.

Have you looked at the 2010 Pro-Guide or an 1890 Warrior? You can hang some pretty big tillers on them.

Charlie Heiman

Re: Boat won't Plain out.

When i got my Smokercraft, was having the same issue. For a cheap fix i picked up a whale tail. Works great, up on plain right away and stays up longer. Here's a link to cabelas if interested.....

Cabelas whaletail
...but can look at em whereever

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Calvin Svihel

Re: Boat won't Plain out.

Hey Big eyes did you see Crystal Pierz Marine lost Ranger and Stratos boats......


Bill Cadwell

Re: Boat won't Plain out.

I know Smittys Marine in Lake City have a demo 2006 1800 Lund Pro V for sale with a 90hp E-tec and kicker, electronics, ram rod holders and Eagle bunk trailer and it planes out with no problem and runs great. I have fished out of it before. Very nice rig. Call Ken or Jason 651-345-3990.
Thanks, Bill

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Brian Langhorst

Re: Boat won't Plain out.

Get rid of the yammy don't buy a suzuki. Put a two stroke
Merc optimax or two stroke E-tec on the back. No need to get a different boat. I would also lose the two 40-lbs.
anchors. why carry the extra weight. If a new motor is out of the question may I suggest a cupped four blade prop in a 13 pitch that will perform better and run faster than a
standard 3-blade 15 pitch that is not cupped, and you'll get the extra torque of a 13 pitch without overreving.

My opinion
good luck



Re: Boat won't Plain out.

Call Supreme Marine and see if they have a demo prop in a lower pitch for you to try, that would be the first step.

They are off 94 in No Mpls

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steve fellegy

Re: Boat won't Plain out.

ALL the tiller boats with three big guys and a fishing load of gas,gear, livewell water and all will be tough to plane well. With the low hp. ratings...that's the natrue of the beast.

As suggested, the Pro Guide 2010 with the 175 HP Optimax tiller/power steering is the way to go in your case ...especially. That hull JUMPS out and up on plane!

Questions? Call me....

Steve Fellegy

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