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Iowa River Walleye Fishing Report 11.29.2008

by Luke Haugland on 11/29/2008

PB Walleye
Today was a great day on the water! My family has been in town for the holiday weekend, and today we all had the chance to share some shoreline together!

Pictured to the right is Steve Santoni with his personal best walleye, which weighed in around ten lbs. Steve caught this fish on a 1/4 ounce precision head with a pro blue ringworm. Awesome fish and congrats buddy!!

Over the past week we have been fishing different many areas-
Today we were concentrating our efforts in areas with current seams. The walleye's seemed to be hanging out in depths anywhere from 3-8 FOW- Some fish were caught in stronger current areas, and some were caught in the complete opposite areas with little to no current flow.

Iowa River Walleye
This is where I would like to touch on bait selection- Like I said earlier, we were using BFT products. The nice thing about the precision head is the ability to fine tune the presentation to match the current flow/depth. The Iowa river is a very small interior river, and depths can constantly be changing. In my experience these fish are much more finicky to water conditions than Mississippi river fish. Presenting these baits to Iowa river walleyes can prove to be very challenging at times, and when you can fine tune your jig weight 1/8-3/16-1/4 it really helps the walleye angler catch more fish. I would almost describe it as being able to "float" the jig across the bottom. And, if none of that makes sense, then just get some for yourself, and see what you think! Here is a link to B Fish N Tackle

Pictured to the right is fellow ido staffer Andy Craig and a beautiful night time ringworm saugeye. I believe this fish came on pro blue as well-

Iowa River Walleye First
This last picture is of Corey Gerts, family relative- and this is his first Iowa River walleye- Nice fish Corey!

The array of attitudes with these fish amaze me. Some of the smallest fish hit the ringworms the hardest, while the big girls simply pick up the bait as it falls the bottom.

If you are bored and awaiting the ice fishing season- pick up your st.croix's, some h20 jigs and bft ringy's and go set the hook on some beautiful Iowa river walleyes! Just remember to practice selective harvest and CPR the big girls!

PS- Thanks for the new hat Bob, it has proven to be a good lucky hat so far!

Good Luck! Stay safe, and hopefully soon we'll be on hard water!

All fish were released!

Location : Iowa
Water Body : Iowa River
Species : walleye
Technique : jigging


Re: Iowa River Fishing Report 11.29.2008

One of these days I need to get a lesson from you guys. The Iowa is about a foot up here, and I cant catch anything. No trouble when its normal and normal flow, but just being up a foot, and faster current I cant get anything going.


Re: Iowa River Fishing Report 11.29.2008

nice fish guys!!! I wish I had some free time I'd get down there with you. I'm pretty sure I know where you were at, some of my old stomping grounds since I was a kid.

I'm sure the hat is the reason for your success!!!!

Tight Lines,
Bob Gillispie
Custom Jigs & Spins Inc
BFishn Tackle

Joel Ballweg

Re: Iowa River Walleye Fishing Report 11.29.2008

Nice report Luke.

Looks like you guys have a nice mix of big fish and smaller ones to keep you busy on the shore there. Pretty cool when fishermen can catch fish like that without even launching a boat.

I couldn't agree with you more about the B'Fish N' tackle line of H20 Precision jigs & plastics. There awesome walleye & sauger baits.

B'Fish'N Tackle.com
Ballweg's Guide Sevice, LLC
Lake Wisconsin Fishing.com

Jeff Jensen

Re: Iowa River Walleye Fishing Report 11.29.2008

Great job Luke and company
Congrats Steve on that pig pb walleye too!

In life, if it has a bra, wires or tires...you'll eventually have trouble with it!!


Re: Iowa River Walleye Fishing Report 11.29.2008

great report, luke; nice fish, steve; and awesome hat, corey!

Dean Marshall

Re: Iowa River Walleye Fishing Report 11.29.2008

Gotta be the hat Luke!
Nice fish!

Greg Vandemark

Re: Iowa River Walleye Fishing Report 11.29.2008

Those are some great fish Luke.

Greg Vandemark


Re: Iowa River Walleye Fishing Report 11.29.2008

Great fish, & a great day!!

Steve Krapfl

Re: Iowa River Walleye Fishing Report 11.29.2008

Nice post Luke! I wish I could have been down there, instead of back home eating turkey!

Steve Santoni

Re: Iowa River Walleye Fishing Report 11.29.2008

Thanks all, there is only one thing better than a great day of fishing, and that is a great day of catching . I had a blast back down in Iowa for Thanksgiving, now i just have to find some spots around my new stomping grounds in Minneapolis.

Zach Bindert

Re: Iowa River Walleye Fishing Report 11.29.2008

Nice fish guys, I am an hour away might have to make a trip this weekend.

Average Joe

Re: Iowa River Walleye Fishing Report 11.29.2008

Great Report

Congrats on the PB

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