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Venison hot dogs

Hi folks,

Anyone out there got a good recipe they are willing to share for venison hot dogs? I have spent over $300 the past two years at the butcher shop and wondered about making them myself. I know sometimes things like this can be more trouble than they are worth but I thought I would see what advice you guys might be able to offer.



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Re: Venison hot dogs

Hey there, EyesNDucks,
My dad was a butcher, and I make all my own venison sausage (baloney, smoked wurst , summer sausage, beer sticks, hot dogs). P.M. me and I'll tell you the how and why-fors of doing it yourself.

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Don Miller

Re: Venison hot dogs

I have been using this recipe from the Sausage Maker.


It calls for 60% beef and 40% pork. Substitute the deer meat for the beef. If flavor is your top priority use fatty pork trimmings. Recipe calls for a steam chamber to cook them after smoking. I just quench them in a turkey cooker full of hot water and boil for 8-10 minutes to fully cook them. You could cook them in the smoker but that will dry them out a bit. Also use the real deal natural sheep casings. I do not like the collagen casings. I do not know where to buy a small quantity of the sheep casings. I buy a "hank" from the local butcher and that will stuff about 70 lbs of meat. But they also work well for snack sticks and breakfast sausage.

Ole in E C

Re: Venison hot dogs

Saw ur old post about u knowing the ins and outs of sausage make wondering if u were still give up some tricks.was really wanting to make wieners and bologna,summer sausage out of my deer.

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