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Ice shelter mats?

Just wondering if anyone uses any type of rubber mat on the ice in their portable shelters? .Would they get to slippery on the ice or just forget the idea? Thanks.


Re: Ice shelter mats?

I use 1.5 inch pink panther foam board in the flip over. Cleats do not kill it for weeks.


Re: Ice shelter mats?

I've wondered about that for the popup hub shelters. Not sure if it is worth doing though.


Re: Ice shelter mats?

I use blue foam camping pads like the one in the link at the bottom. I cut it in half lengthwise and use it for a lot of stuff out of one pad I have made 4 Ice hole covers for my tipups two knee pads to put in my carhart bibs (they have an opening at the bottom of the knee to put them in) and had enough left over to have a mat for both sides of my clam denali to keep my feet off the ice. if you go to any store with camping supplies it is usually the cheapest sleeping bag mat they have. Plus it doesnt weigh anything, but it would probably get ripped up by cleats.
Here is one I found on walmart.com but I got mine for like 5$ blue camping mat

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Re: Ice shelter mats?

If weight and space is not an issue, a friend of mine cut holes in a old rubber truck bed mat. Works great if you are going to camp out in one place for a while. Keeps the feet and everything dry inside his collapsable. Also retains heat really well.

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Re: Ice shelter mats?

I got sick of anything that would soak up water or break. (carpet and foams) I now use some scraps of ply or osb. I now have 3 @ 12"x 20" one for each persons feet and one for heater too. Bang them togther, throw in the bottom of the Otter and away ya go. Fits my neets just fine. -Mark

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Re: Ice shelter mats?

What I have found to work best is an old rubber mat from a kitchen that has the open pattern,holds up great for ice cleats and keeps your feet dry.
This stuff lasts forever.
Good luck


Re: Ice shelter mats?

piece of outdoor carpet - easy to shake off and rolls up good even if froze....


Re: Ice shelter mats?

I get parts at work wrapped in a coated closecell foam about a quarter inch thick.If you have room in your boots,cut insoles and put in you boots.Like standing on heat register.Goes were ever you go.


Re: Ice shelter mats?

I was just thinking the same thing. I was looking at the interlocking foam flooring, it's waterproof and around 1/2" thick. Has anyone tried that stuff?

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Re: Ice shelter mats?

rubber car floor mats

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