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Pre-Spawn Walleye on the Mississippi River at Red Wing, MN

Video Details: Season 7 - Episode 16. Filmed late February 2013. James Holst and In-Depth Outdoors Field Staff member Eric Rehberg fish the Mississippi River on Pool 4 at Red Wing, MN for late winter walleye grouped below the lock and dam in advance of the spawn.

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In-depth WebstaffAdministrator
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Good fishin',

In-Depth Webstaff
James or Eric, did you have a leader on all of your rods? If not was there a differance in the number of fish caught with one as opposed to the other? By the way GREAT SHOW. I was on pool 4 for the first time yesterday and can't wait to get back.

Chippewa Valley Walleye League
James HolstAdministrator

James or Eric, did you have a leader on all of your rods? If not was there a differance in the number of fish caught with one as opposed to the other? By the way GREAT SHOW. I was on pool 4 for the first time yesterday and can't wait to get back.

I fished hi-vis mono w/ no leader. Eric fished braid. The fish really don't care either way and definitely aren't line shy in my opinion or show a preference in either direction.

James Holst
In-Depth Outdoors Pro Staff
In-Depth Outdoors TV - Watch Episodes Online Here!

Great Show you two !!!

This is by far one of my favorites !!!

Ranks right up there with the Jurassic Lake Trout on Lake Superior show !!!

Luck is an attitude
Wade Berkseth
Being a walleye fanatic, James Holst and crew do an awesome job at motivating people to get off the couch and fish or get ready to fish! I loved the last Rainy River episode as well as the recent Mississippi River episode. Both of them are super informative and motivate everyone from the weekend warrior to the most seasoned tournament angler to get up and get ready to fish or actually fish! Thanks for the great videos guys, keep up the good work!

Wade Berkseth
Lund/Mercury Pro Staff
Average Joe
Great Show Guys

Has me itching to get the boat out

I haven't been fishing since November, so I've got cabin fever and I'm due for a good fish meal
Awesome show guys you really had them dialed in


Navigator 175T & Yamaha F75
That show was sick! You boys made it look real easy...guess that's what pro's do...well done! Pool 4 see you soon! LOL
Entertaining and educational.. gets me all pumped then I look out and see snow everywhere.
Great show!

Couple of questions for you from a river newb.

I live on pool 2 and I'm wondering about timing for the pre-spawn. I've read that typically walleye get into their pre-spawn mode once the water temp consistently hits 40*. Do you find that to be true on the Mississippi or is it more of a timing thing? For example, this episode was filmed in late Feb. so in a couple weeks we can expect the walleye in pool 2 to start their pre-spawn behavior since we're farther north? Or are there a whole slew of factors that need to be right for this behavior to start?

I've been out on pool 2 a handful of times including yesterday (3/10) and I haven't had any luck yet. From talking to other guys it sounds like no one has really had any luck with the bite so far.

Thanks for everything James, love the show!
What the heck, two shows in a row with teeth. How about broadening your shows a little bit.

Seriously, it was a great show.

"The biggest thing to remember is 'Don't Panic'"

Great show, James and Eric. This is the kind of show I was looking for. You talked about all the key componets; depth, speed, rigs (with weight of jigs) and the why's of each. I am heading out there mid week and can't wait.
Great Show

Thanks for keeping it simple and not loosing your focus on what is important. Just getting out. Too many shows are trying to rev you up with loud music. I find it annoying. One of my top 3 shows..You,In Fisherman, and Galespie (sp).

Trevor Gnotke
It's really nice to have a show that is based near my home waters that really shows me how to do each technique for each time of year. Especially how you can thoroughly explain each technique without over cramming unneeded information into your explanation.

A man has to believe in something, so I believe I'll go fishing.
Great action and great footage. Enjoyed watching the show. Hope it's like that the 1st weekend in April when we go up there. See you on the water!
Very nice video

When in doubt, exaggerate. ................

Andrew Nordstrom
wilson xxxx
It is our owner to know about this. Thank you very much.
Its been slow on Pool 8 through the ice, mostly short sauger and a few keeper walleye. Watched this video about 5 times in the last two weeks- just need the weather to cooperate!
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