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IDO TV - Pre-Spawn 'Eyes on Blades & Rattle Baits

Video Details: Season 8 - Episode 20. Open Water Fishing. James Holst and In-Depth Outdoors Field Staffer Eric Rehberg k...(read more)


Video Details: Season 8 - Episode 19. Ice Fishing. James Holst and In-Depth Outdoors Pro Staffer Joel Nelson fish with t...(read more)

IDO TV - Walk Out Laker Fishing on Lake Superior

Video Details: Season 8 - Episode 17. Ice Fishing. James Holst and In-Depth Outdoors Pro Staffer Pat McSharry fish Lake ...(read more)
Fishing Videos
Rainy Lake Walleye Tips & "Battle of the Sexes"!
Rainy Lake Walleye Tips & "Battle of the Sexes"!
Utilizing Blade Baits in Lakes for Bass and Walleye
Utilizing Blade Baits in Lakes for Bass and Walleye
Jigging Swimbaits for Superior Lake Trout
Jigging Swimbaits for Superior Lake Trout
Fishing Reports

Blades, Blades, and More Blades

Blades has been a bait/technique that myself and my fishing buddy Ryan have been wanting to learn for a long time. Well that time came this last weekend down at Everts resort; kn...(read more)

Chasing Walleye, Fox and Wolf Rivers

This will be a multi report, since I fished both rivers the past few days...First the Fox... I returned to the Fox about 10 days after my last report where Pete Yake and I really ...(read more)

Spring Handline Bite Is Here Again !!!

2013/2014 ice season that would not end,has now come and gone !!In just two short weeks I've see the river channel temps go from 33 degrees to 46 degrees on this day.Reports of fe...(read more)

Evert's Weekend Walleye

Work was tough Friday with the warmer weather on the horizon. The plan originally was to head down to Evert's on Saturday and fish an evening/night bite, that didn't last long wh...(read more)

Evert's Weekend Walleye

...(read more)

Wisconsin River Spring Run Walleyes

Wisconsin River spring walleye fishing is in full swing. Vertical jigging, dragging, casting, 3-way trolling stick baits and other techniques all seem to be taking some fish.Like ...(read more)

Fox River Bonanza

Pete Yake (the driftmaster) and I made our annual pilgrimage to the Fox River, DePere Wi on Wednesday morning. The spawning run is starting and with the cold, windy weather, we ho...(read more)

Late Ice luck in South Dakota

With some sky high temps in the 50s to even low 60s the late ice season is in full effect. Currently shorelines are still intact with that crispy top to the surrounding lake's ice...(read more)

Dragging Pool 4 March 25-29 2014...

As the title says...last week was a DRAG...weatherwise and fishingwise. Windchill was below zero much of Mon and Tues mornings and the water temps fell through the basement. This ...(read more)

Lake of the Woods Late Ice Pike

One of the best things about taking part in In-Depth Outdoors is the constant and free-flowing exchange of fishing knowledge passed about the website forums, TV, and YouTube. Whe...(read more)

Finally- open water in Nebraska

Spring is finally here! Well....sorta. Between 70 degree days and snowdrifts, it's hard to tell at times. This week has been up and down in major ways, but we still found some fis...(read more)

Walleye fishing on the Missouri river

Have been fishing in the Chamberlian area up river to the first corner.Any where from 15 to 25 feet depends on the day and current.We have been using the VMC jigs in the yellow or...(read more)

Travel light on early ice, carry safety tools

Want to be the first on your block to catch a fish through the ice this winter? To do so safely, sleep late, travel light and carry precautionary tools. Two pieces of equipment,...(read more)

Trolling 101 - Reviewing 7 primary techniques

By Dale RueberTrolling season is upon us so I thought it would be a good time to put out a little info. Please note: these are my opinions and everybody's experience will differ. ...(read more)
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Red Wing this Weekend! We will open Early!

We will be opening at 5:30 Both Friday and Saturday. I am in search of the biggest Fatheads I can find and have a nice tank full of big shiners. Good Luck to all of you headed out....(read more)

Willow Cats are a Sure Sign of Spring!

Our first batch of willow cats will be arriving shortly! $20.00 per doz. No phone orders please. First come first serve. Good Fishing This Spring!...(read more)
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