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Brant Gilmore

1st timers on there way soon.

Headed to P4 tonight! Excited to try it for the first time. We been wanting to for a couple years. Weather doesn't look all that great, but at least we'll be fishing tomorrow. If anyone up there drifts by a couple Lund boats from Iowa, say hi. Everts Resort... we will see you in the morning.

Cycle Guy

Re: 1st timers on there way soon.

Congrats... I'd rather be there is questionable weather, than sitting behind a desk in the house. Let us know how it goes... and have a great time!


Re: 1st timers on there way soon.

Good luck I am envious, doesn't look like I'll get out until next weekend.


Navigator 175T & Yamaha F75

C Hof

Re: 1st timers on there way soon.

I am planning to launch out of Everts tomorrow too, at least for a few hours. Need to test all my gear before the Rainy River Run. I've fished pool 4 in the fall for the last 7 or 8 years, but this will be my first time down there in the spring. We'll be in a white Starcraft.


Re: 1st timers on there way soon.

I'll be there on Sat all day; look for the black boat with the big walleye on it. Jason

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