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In-Depth Outdoors TV Schedule

In-Depth Outdoors TV brings you 26 weeks of the hottest ice and open water action from your favorite lakes and rivers in North America!

In-Depth Outdoor's eighth season of broadcast will begin on November 17th 2013 with a unique blend of ice fishing and open water fishing action that is filmed and broadcast in the same week.

With their ability to educate and entertain the In-Depth Outdoors Fishing Team will keep you on the edge of your seat from hookset to landing net!

In-Depth Outdoors on Fox Sports:

  • Airing on Fox Sports North @ 8 AM - Sundays (CST)

    If you miss an episode, no worries! Every In-Depth Outdoors episode is offered here on idofishing.com as a streaming web video. So pull up a chair and catch last week's episode or re-watch some of your favorites at work on your lunch hour!

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